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There are not enough hours in the day, at least in my day, to respond to all of the emails/blog posts/comments/website visitors/Elvis fan club members/etc. concering Elvis Presley but if I could respond to each one I would. However, there seems to be patterns each month as is the case in this month being October 2016 so I have opted to share the top 3 along with my (summary) response.

What would Elvis be doing if he was alive? – Well he would be 81 years old so I would hope he would be in good health enjoying his family, friends, grandchildren, etc. But if I didn’t take the question literally I think they meant to ask what would Elvis have done with his life had he lived and I believe he would ALWAYS have been associated with music for he loved singing. Elvis had a four and a half octave range and choreographed/produced his own take on all of his recordings. He had a great love of Gospel music and I believe he would have continued in that genre. I would hope that he would have been able to enjoy life and truly know how much he meant to people around the world. That he didn’t have to tour so much. That he sought the best of the best doctors for his very real physcial/mental/emotional diagnosis.

Is Elvis alive? – No. He died (sadly) on August 16, 1977 and I have had the honor to know so many who; worked with, were friends with, spent their lives with, were related to, were trusted by, etc. Elvis and not a day goes by that they don’t miss him. Individually and collectively, these are people of quality and their pain/regrets/sadness is real and those that seek to monetarily profit by engaging in these falsehoods truly take away from the story of Elvis’ life onstage and off.

What is my collection worth? – It all depends. But my list of priorities would be, including but not limited to, the following:  was it created during the time Elvis lived? What documentation do you have for each item? What condition, in detail, is each item in? Is it complete and an example would be the album cover, the album, the stickers, and are the inserts (if they were any) there?, Has anything been altered? What research have you done? Elvis was the most photographed person who ever lived and he was the greatest entertainer whose career spanned three decades thus he left a great body of works many of which have been repackaged and/or reissued. Lastly, take detailed photographs – measurements – etc. of each item as that is a good way to start.

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Jeff Schrembs


Poor mans gold an exceptional Elvis song

1969 was one of the happiest years in Elvis remarkable life.

Besides his 1968 hit TV special sponsored by Singer entitled “Elvis”, and his movie contracts coming to an end after (aproximately) eight years, one of Elvis’ trusted friends (who was also successful in the music industry) Mr. Marty Lacker had encouraged Elvis to record at American Sound Studio in Memphis who had been making hit after hit for several consecutive years.

Elvis had been with RCA for (approximately) thirteen years and Colonel Parker had many tangible interests in keeping Elvis recording exclusively at RCA. However, Elvis felt like he needed to get better material and Elvis was always up for a challenge.

On January 13, 1969 (eight days after Elvis’ 34th birthday) Elvis went to American and began, under the outstanding talents of producer Chips Moran and his incredible staff of musicians,, and Elvis recorded the best songs of his career (note: 1956 would be the watermark but in sheer quality – variety – and Elvis’ voice being extraordinary).

From YouTube comes “Poor mans gold” which was recorded in 1969 and though many Elvis fans aren’t aware of this song it doesn’t take away from it being a beautiful song complete with Elvis’ trademark semi-laugh/snicker at the beginning.



Video inside Elvis Presley Audubon home

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Elvis bought, and moved his mother and father into, this home in Memphis Tennessee on Audubon Drive.

Elvis had a swimming pool put in along with other home improvements. This is the home that Elvis owned before buying Graceland.

Part of Elvis’ reasons for leaving this home was the complaints by neighbors about fans coming by at all hours.

When Elvis moved to Graceland his family did not take much of the furnishings as they gave them to family members. One of the home decor items was a beautiful mirror which can be seen in many candid, and rare, photographs including one of Elvis’ beloved mother Gladys Love (Smith) Presley.


Great Elvis Presley content January 2016 Edition

THANK YOU FOR VISITING THIS SITE . We have recently updated our forum of and our dedicated Elvis website of 

This new, and exciting, content includes but is not limited to:



Article about 5 recent things of Elvis memorabilia people tried to sell. Here is the link:



BIO rare photograph of Gladys, Vernon & Minnie Mae 1956

BIO rare photograph of Vernon smoking and Gladys circa 1956

RARE Crown Electric sign (where Elvis worked in his teens)


ARMY rare photograph of Elvis in snow with 2 other soldiers

ARMY rare color photograph of Elvis in uniform and orange-ish scarf

ARMY Elvis signing an autograph with a very funny look on his face


1955 May 6 Elvis sitting on hood of his pink Cadillac. Rare color (true and not colorized) photograph.

1957 candid of Elvis with costars of Loving You

1957 candid of Elvis holding up a little blonde haired girl


1960s candid of Elvis with the Clara Ward singers. Very rare.

1969 candid of Elvis shaking hands at Nancy Sinatra concert. Exceptional.

1969 candid of Elvis while on vacation rowing boat


1970 onstage photograph of red jumpsuit with long sleeves

1975 onstage with white scarf and a WEIRD look on his face

1970 Elvis shaking hands with fans while at Houston Astrodome (the largest venue Elvis ever played)


1967 candid of Elvis with Priscilla cutting cake

MOVING Gif of Elvis and Priscilla circa 1967 at Circle G Ranch

Wedding intimate photo of Priscilla feeding Elvis wedding cake


Rare and unique – actual key to the city awarded to Elvis by Las Vegas

White monkey sculpture with black eyes that Elvis owned and was part of his home décor

Photograph of 3 of Elvis’ automobiles parked at Graceland including infamous pink Cadillac




Elvis’ longtime friend, and member of the Imperials, Joe Moscheo has died January 11, 2016. Here is the link:


Happy 81st birthday Elvis (January 8, 2016) original article authored by Jeff Schrembs and includes some interesting photos. Here is the link:


David Bowie, who died this week (1/12/2016), article about meeting Elvis. Here is the link:





Elvis If I Can Dream album documentary


Elvis Presley My Way with Elvis’ home movies




Elvis Presley onstage video via YouTube in 1974 in Ohama



Rare photo of Charlie Hodge playing Elvis’ acoustic guitar with is name in pearl (note: Elvis played this guitar in Las Vegas as seen in TTWII)

Extremely rare photograph of Elvis with Charlie Hodge while in the US Army



Video entitled Gates of Graceland Hidden Graceland Part 1



Elvis Presley was “lighting in a bottle” original article authored by Jeff Schrembs



And here are SEVEN rare photographs as well:


Elvis Presley rare concert items

From Jeff Schrembs @


76 1969pressconference 1971badge-184x95 1971augmenu 1971febmenu 1971tahoemenu 1971teninchrecord 1972disc7inch 1972febmenugold 1972febmenugold 1974tahoemenu 1976atlantadec3 1977uticapink 1977terrehaute tick74100501

The rarest book about Elvis Presley

FACE of JesusFrom the beginning of Elvis’ career until this very moment books about Elvis are in demand.

I have stated my opinion, on and on these blogs, about many of the “major” works written about Elvis as not only have I read them numerous times I have them in my collection. But, there is one book that was written about Elvis that I have (and it was autographed/signed by the author to me) that remains the most rare. Not only have I never seen, or heard, anyone having it but it was only available for a few months during 1977. The book examines Elvis life and his faith as well as life lessons for all of us including our religious foundations.

Throughout the decades I have put some time into ascertaining if anyone has this book. The results, dating back to the late 1970’s, has always been “no”. Whether it was a matter of timing, or luck, or being a “semi-hoarder” this book has made it through all of the chapters of my life.

There are many excellent books about Elvis Presley but (sadly) for every good Elvis book, in my opinion, there are hundreds of books that are not only factually incorrect but in many ways biased against Elvis and/or Elvis’ fans.

The life, accomplishments, dreams and failures of Elvis onstage and off can never be contained in one book or a series of books. However, reading these books gives us an insight into what was going on at the time as recalled by firsthand witness accounts. Fortunately Elvis left behind three decades of movies, TV appearances, concert appearances, recordings, etc. that show us part of Elvis’ life and in some cases brings us back to times passed.

Out of all of the various items in my collection some of the most treasured are the notes, letters, etc. that Elvis wrote not as Elvis the star but Elvis the man. Not only did he share his fears, live events, but his opinions. In everyone of his person books he underlined passages. He wrote in the index. He jotted down certain word. His books were not just letters on paper but an interactive medium for Elvis.

Elvis loved books and the earliest known writing/signature of Elvis’ was for a library book. Elvis always carried with him his bible and he spent some of his private time reading books of all subjects. Even the day he died he was reading a book entitled the “Face of Jesus”.

To be continued…

Elvis Presley and Chinese Astrology (by Jeff Schrembs)

ELVIS born in the year of the dog

Elvis Presley was born in the year of the dog with his element being wood.

Here are some facts about these two aspects.

The Dog


Years of the Dog

1910 10 Feb 1910 – 29 Jan 1911 (Metal)

1922 28 Jan 1922 – 15 Feb 1923 (Water)

1934 14 Feb 1934 – 03 Feb 1935 (Wood)

1946 02 Feb 1946 – 21 Jan 1947 (Fire)

1958 18 Feb 1958 – 07 Feb 1959 (Earth)

1970 06 Feb 1970 – 26 Jan 1971 (Metal)

1982 25 Jan 1982 – 12 Feb 1983 (Water)

1994 10 Feb 1994 – 30 Jan 1995 (Wood)

2006 29 Jan 2006 – 17 Feb 2007 (Fire)

2018 16 Feb 2018 – 04 Feb 2019 (Earth)

The Dog

Dog people are honest, faithful and sincere. They respect tradition and value honor, and enjoy helping people. The Dog is very righteous, and always is the first to speak out against injustice.

Dog people are not good at socialising with friends, and they rarely shine in company, but they are intelligent, caring and a good listener. Loyal, faithful and honest, they have the most profound sense of duty. You can count on them and they’ll never let you down. And as a good listener, the Dog is also very reliable in keeping secrets for others. They simply don’t like to gossip.

The Dog is an agreeable companion – when they are in a good mood. But when panic strikes, they can turn nasty, and bark till they are tired.

They can be judgmental, defensive and picky if you rub them up the wrong way, but as long as you know how to pet and massage them, the Dog makes absolutely the best and most honorable companion on earth.

Dogs are born old and get younger as they age. They take everything very serious. You may hear the Dog complains a lot about street lamps, about traffic, or about weather, but as they get older, the less they take their own criticism seriously.

The loyal Dog makes a splendid captain of industry, a priest, an educator, a critic, or a doctor. But whatever their career, it’ll have in them a spokesman whose ideals will be profound and often original.

When the fear becomes reality, Dogs go a little crazy. The Dog enters a relationship where they are the giver and the partner is the taker.

They are usually very generous and loyal, and in love, they are honest and straightforward. But they will have romantic problems all their life – it’s their own fault, really: they lead themselves by their emotional instability and their eternal anxiety. They are a worrier.

Compatibility with the Dog

(1 – least compatible, 100 – most compatible)

Rat 72 – Why not?

Ox 62 – Difficult, but possible.

Tiger 89 – Good! A balanced and harmonic relationship.

Rabbit 77 – Fine, as long as they keep it cool.

Dragon 62 – Think again.

Snake 67 – This could work.

Horse 92 – A happy couple.

Goat 62 – Difficult, but possible.

Monkey 67 – With reservation. The dog might suffer.

Rooster 63 – Only if it’s absolutely necessary.

Dog 62 – Difficult, but possible.

Pig 84 – They share their thoughts and feelings

January 8, 2015 Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday

Here are some of the events scheduled at Graceland:

Elvis Birthday Celebration

Get ready for the 2015 Elvis Birthday Celebration here at Graceland as we celebrate the King’s 80th birthday! The dates for the birthday celebration will be January 7 – 10, 2015.

Stay tuned to for more information on the 2015 Elvis Birthday Celebration including: special guests, schedule of events, and more.

Elvis Presley’s Jewish heritage

WM CHILDHOOD RARE Elvis standing with Gladys Vernon

Elvis Presley’s mother, Gladys Love Smith, was born April 25, 1912, the fourth daughter of Bob and Doll Smith.

Bob was the son of Obe Smith and Ann Mansell, both of whom were part Native American.

Octavia Smith, called Doll because she was so small and cute, was born 1876 the second daughter of White Mansell.

White Mansell was the son of William Mansell and Morning White Dove, a Cherokee daughter. As White’s sister was the mother of Doll, she and her husband were first cousins.

Their father and uncle, William, was a rich planter, an immigrant of Scotch Irish descent. Actually, the Mansells were Normans, who wound up in Scotland, but when they arrived in America, the largest group of ethnics was Scotch Irish, so they were too.

White was the son of a rich man. He grew up in a large house, but by 1900, he was living in a tiny shack, in Tupelo, working shares. From the beginning of Southern culture, owning land was a sacred aspect of identity.

Farming somebody else’s land for a percentage of the crop when they kept the books was the dreaded fate for victims of slavery or other dire luck, but the South was still in ruins and it was a life.

In 1870, White Mansell married Martha Tackett. She was the daughter of a Jewish couple, Abner and Nancy Tackett, who were devoted to her. There were two boys, Sidney and Jerome, both devout and observant Jews, but their sister was not religious. Martha converted for White. They had four daughters, then two sons.

All six children grew up knowing their Jewish heritage and doing some of the rituals. Doll Smith was Elvis’ maternal grandmother. She knew she was Jewish and so did her children.

In the Diaspora of remote rural America, so far from the centers of rabbinic learning, knowing the story and telling it was a near equivalent of devotion. Gladys knew enough of her mother’s origin to pass along to Elvis a sense of Judaism as something precious and sacred, and part of what made him special. We know from his autopsy that she did not have him circumcised, but she told her little boy about Martha and Nancy and their Jewishness. Read the rest of this entry

Elvis Presley’s 1963 Rolls Royce up for auction

Bonham’s auction house has listed the 1963 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Touring once owned by Elvis Presley for sale, offering die-hard fans an opportunity to get their hands on one of his classic rides. The auction date is scheduled for August 14 – 16.

Presley ordered the high-end limousine when he lived in Bel Air, Calif. Custom coach work was done by James Young and customized with the latest tech of the times, including electric windows on all doors, a Blaupunkt Koln radio, air conditioning, an in-car bar and even a microphone.

While the car originally sported a midnight blue paintjob, Elvis reportedly had to have the car repainted after his mother’s chickens wrecked the paintjob while pecking at their reflections. The limo was refinished in a light silver blue, thought to hide the paint chips.

Ride in style: Elvis Presley owned the limo for about five years, gifting it in 1968 to the SHARE charity which auctioned it for $35,000.
Ride in style: Elvis Presley owned the limo for about five years, gifting it in 1968 to the SHARE charity which auctioned it for $35,000.
  • Ride in style: Elvis Presley owned the limo for about five years, gifting it in 1968 to the SHARE charity which auctioned it for $35,000.
  • Talk like Elvis! The king's telephone is part of the package deal.


Under the hood, the Rolls housed a 6.2-liter V-8 engine making 200-horsepower and capable of a maximum speed of about 100 mph.

Presley only owned the limo for about five years, gifting it in 1968 to the SHARE charity which auctioned it for $35,000.

In the nearly 40 years since, it has undergone a restoration, spent about 20 years in a private museum, and has had a full engine rebuild, including the installation of a new cylinder block.

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