The rarest book about Elvis Presley

FACE of JesusFrom the beginning of Elvis’ career until this very moment books about Elvis are in demand.

I have stated my opinion, on and on these blogs, about many of the “major” works written about Elvis as not only have I read them numerous times I have them in my collection. But, there is one book that was written about Elvis that I have (and it was autographed/signed by the author to me) that remains the most rare. Not only have I never seen, or heard, anyone having it but it was only available for a few months during 1977. The book examines Elvis life and his faith as well as life lessons for all of us including our religious foundations.

Throughout the decades I have put some time into ascertaining if anyone has this book. The results, dating back to the late 1970’s, has always been “no”. Whether it was a matter of timing, or luck, or being a “semi-hoarder” this book has made it through all of the chapters of my life.

There are many excellent books about Elvis Presley but (sadly) for every good Elvis book, in my opinion, there are hundreds of books that are not only factually incorrect but in many ways biased against Elvis and/or Elvis’ fans.

The life, accomplishments, dreams and failures of Elvis onstage and off can never be contained in one book or a series of books. However, reading these books gives us an insight into what was going on at the time as recalled by firsthand witness accounts. Fortunately Elvis left behind three decades of movies, TV appearances, concert appearances, recordings, etc. that show us part of Elvis’ life and in some cases brings us back to times passed.

Out of all of the various items in my collection some of the most treasured are the notes, letters, etc. that Elvis wrote not as Elvis the star but Elvis the man. Not only did he share his fears, live events, but his opinions. In everyone of his person books he underlined passages. He wrote in the index. He jotted down certain word. His books were not just letters on paper but an interactive medium for Elvis.

Elvis loved books and the earliest known writing/signature of Elvis’ was for a library book. Elvis always carried with him his bible and he spent some of his private time reading books of all subjects. Even the day he died he was reading a book entitled the “Face of Jesus”.

To be continued…


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