Current questions I’m asked October 2016 edition



There are not enough hours in the day, at least in my day, to respond to all of the emails/blog posts/comments/website visitors/Elvis fan club members/etc. concering Elvis Presley but if I could respond to each one I would. However, there seems to be patterns each month as is the case in this month being October 2016 so I have opted to share the top 3 along with my (summary) response.

What would Elvis be doing if he was alive? – Well he would be 81 years old so I would hope he would be in good health enjoying his family, friends, grandchildren, etc. But if I didn’t take the question literally I think they meant to ask what would Elvis have done with his life had he lived and I believe he would ALWAYS have been associated with music for he loved singing. Elvis had a four and a half octave range and choreographed/produced his own take on all of his recordings. He had a great love of Gospel music and I believe he would have continued in that genre. I would hope that he would have been able to enjoy life and truly know how much he meant to people around the world. That he didn’t have to tour so much. That he sought the best of the best doctors for his very real physcial/mental/emotional diagnosis.

Is Elvis alive? – No. He died (sadly) on August 16, 1977 and I have had the honor to know so many who; worked with, were friends with, spent their lives with, were related to, were trusted by, etc. Elvis and not a day goes by that they don’t miss him. Individually and collectively, these are people of quality and their pain/regrets/sadness is real and those that seek to monetarily profit by engaging in these falsehoods truly take away from the story of Elvis’ life onstage and off.

What is my collection worth? – It all depends. But my list of priorities would be, including but not limited to, the following:  was it created during the time Elvis lived? What documentation do you have for each item? What condition, in detail, is each item in? Is it complete and an example would be the album cover, the album, the stickers, and are the inserts (if they were any) there?, Has anything been altered? What research have you done? Elvis was the most photographed person who ever lived and he was the greatest entertainer whose career spanned three decades thus he left a great body of works many of which have been repackaged and/or reissued. Lastly, take detailed photographs – measurements – etc. of each item as that is a good way to start.

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Take care and may God bless you.


Jeff Schrembs



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