Poor mans gold an exceptional Elvis song

1969 was one of the happiest years in Elvis remarkable life.

Besides his 1968 hit TV special sponsored by Singer entitled “Elvis”, and his movie contracts coming to an end after (aproximately) eight years, one of Elvis’ trusted friends (who was also successful in the music industry) Mr. Marty Lacker had encouraged Elvis to record at American Sound Studio in Memphis who had been making hit after hit for several consecutive years.

Elvis had been with RCA for (approximately) thirteen years and Colonel Parker had many tangible interests in keeping Elvis recording exclusively at RCA. However, Elvis felt like he needed to get better material and Elvis was always up for a challenge.

On January 13, 1969 (eight days after Elvis’ 34th birthday) Elvis went to American and began, under the outstanding talents of producer Chips Moran and his incredible staff of musicians,, and Elvis recorded the best songs of his career (note: 1956 would be the watermark but in sheer quality – variety – and Elvis’ voice being extraordinary).

From YouTube comes “Poor mans gold” which was recorded in 1969 and though many Elvis fans aren’t aware of this song it doesn’t take away from it being a beautiful song complete with Elvis’ trademark semi-laugh/snicker at the beginning.



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